Importance of Good SEO For Social Media

The importance of using SEO techniques


Your website is the mirror of your company, its personal billboard and has a great impact on the way people see your business. If you have a company, you should firstly make sure its website is visible to potential customers and, in order to make this possible, you can use SEO techniques to achieve your goals.

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What methods should you use for social media?


There are two ways to promote a website on the Internet, by organic search engine listing or by marketing campaigns through search engines. With marketing campaigns, your website will be listed on top of other results, as a highlighted featured result.

The following are some important information you can use when deciding on the right SEO methods for your business:


  • 85 % of visitors come from the three major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing;
  • Approximately 75% of website traffic comes from the top 10 results in search engines;
  • Less than 20% of visitors take the time to explore the next 10 results;
  • Less than 5 % of visitors click on URLs not ranked in the first 30 positions.

Considering this, if you own an online shop, for example, there are 75% chances for one of the shops in the top 10 results in search engines to make a transaction before you. You should therefore do your best to make your presence known on the web through social marketing techniques.

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Search engines are by far the most effective method of finding information. Because of this, 100% of those who use the internet use them to a certain extent. This is also why all webmasters who hope to increase their traffic optimize their websites first. Build you social media agency through search engine optimization today!

Search engines need the intervention of website developers to determine the relevance of a page. Proper optimization of your pages will make your site more accessible to search engines and can increase your ranking in search engines significantly.